Sunday, October 24, 2004

Umaturman. The Disenchantment of the Year.

Band: Umaturman
Disk: V gorode N.
Compositions: 13 + 7 remixes
Label: Moroz Recordz
Release date: 2004

"Umaturman" band's debut album "V gorode N" has lived up to expectations and has caused anxiety about the future of russian rock-n-roll in general. This album has been expected even more than "14 nedel tishiny" by Zemfira Ramazanova. There was nothing more remarkable in this season, than suddenly appeared band "Umaturman". Many of us tried to get rid of their songs: "Devushka Proskovia" and "Nochnoi dozor" playing inside the head. It seamed that the whole disk will be full of various hits, as diverse as those two songs.
The advertising campaign that took place prior to CD "V gorode N" release was really hilarious. It was the most expected disk of the year and public was ready to get something really never-before-heard. But there were two aspects that arose some suspicions. The first unusual thing is the name of this disk. Brothers Christovski named their work "V gorode N" ‑ the same as a historic disk of the legendary "Zoopark".
Secondary, the song "Prostitsya", that came to radio stations directly before the disk release is fishily similar to lyric song of famous russian bard Oleg Mityaev. "Bad sign" ‑ some people thought, and unfortunately they were not mistaken.
Umaturman's disk "V gorode N" not only failed to live up to all the expectations, it appeared to be simply bad. Provincial sound, hackneyed tunes with squeezed out clichéd and meaningless words, this disk would have never been noticed by any musical journalist if there were no such attractive songs as "Devushka Proskovia" and "Nochnoi dozor".
The secret of Umaturman’s failure is very simple: both brothers are almost 30 years old. They grew up at the dusk of Russian rock’s golden age, when it seemed that the only thing you have to do to become a rock star is to learn a couple of guitar chords. Image but not music was attracting people. The situation changed nowadays. Image in modern rock-n-roll doesn’t mean anything – all bands look the same; neither means the music – all bands sound the same. The only thing left is a media perception. And it had played a trick on Christovski brothers. Together with two impressive and moreover – well promoted songs they released 11 absolutely dull compositions. And as a result instead of the disk of the year we’ve got the disenchantment of the year. On the whole I would recommend this disk to Umaturman’s greatest fans only: they will accept it without excoriation.